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PDF to Flash SWF is an application with the ability to convert PDF into SWF
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iWesoft Corporation

PDF to Flash SWF is an application with the ability to convert PDFs into SWF (Flash), a format that is widely used on the web due its relatively small size. It is a standalone program that does not need Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

When you first launch the app, you are presented with a basic, very limited free version that only lets you load and convert documents, without letting you modify any settings or even choose the output folder. More features are offered in the trial, unlicensed version that is available from the same window.

This version provides a few additional options; apart from allowing you to choose the output folder, it gives you the possibility to export the list of loaded files to a TXT file to convert later, and rename them using a predetermined suffix. Also, it provides support for batch processing and the conversion of encrypted PDFs. It lacks, though, options related to output customization; you're not allowed to choose the pages you want to convert or make any other adjustments.

Despite that, the application does an excellent conversion job. In my case, it converted seven PDFs of different sizes, some of them containing graphics, in just a few minutes and with great results.

In short, the application is very easy to use and works with efficiency, transforming PDFs into SWF files that preserve the formatting and quality of the original documents. However, I think it should provide custom options for users with more concrete conversion needs.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Works with efficiency and precision


  • The free version is very limited in features
  • No options to customize the output file
  • Outputs to one single format
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